Better subscription naming

Subscriptions are now labeled in a clearer way, especially when you have names for your issues (using "Summer 2017" instead of "Issue 12").

Previously "2 issues. Starts with issue 4" (recurring sub) "Issues 4, 5" (non-recurring sub)

Now "2 issues • Issue 4"

Postage prices shown in checkouts

Before today, by default, prices shown in Subsail checkouts combined the subscription and shipping costs. Now, shipping costs are shown separately, to make things clearer for customers.

If you'd like to continue showing a "total" price, there is a new option in your settings.

Thanks to Elliot at Lagom for this suggestion.

New filter and sorting options

Today sees the launch of Subsail's new filtering and sorting for subscriber and subscription tables. It's now incredibly easy to drill down into your data and see sub groups within your subscriber base.

Sell gift subscriptions 🎁

You can now offer customers a way to buy your subscriptions for friends and family.

Simply enable gift subscriptions in your Sell settings, and a few extra fields will be added to your Subsail checkout form. Gifter details are saved on each subscription, so you can follow up with them at a later date.

CSV formatting options when uploading

It's now possible to determine the format of your CSV: which delimiter you're using in the file, and the number format of prices.

Weekly digest emails

Starting today, every Monday, Subsail will send you a concise record of your last 7 and 30 days, perfect for getting a snapshot of your subscriber base and recent sales numbers 🙌

Ordering of subscriptions

There now is a helpful ordering dropdown on top of the Subscriptions table, allowing you to order the data in various ways.

Sell in NZD

New Zealand Dollar is the tenth currency that you can sell subscriptions in on Subsail 💸

Overlay checkout

Your Subsail-powered checkout can now load over your website, meaning a much more seamless purchasing experience for your customers. Combine this with checkout customisation (logo, colours, fonts) and you can make your Subsail checkout feel like a natural extension of your site.

Better CSV uploads/imports

Getting subscriptions into Subsail from a spreadsheet got a lot easier and nicer today.

Now when you upload a CSV, you can match up columns first before importing. This means you can use a spreadsheet in any format (just remember to add some required columns first!).

You can also edit data in-app before the import to make sure your data is 100% correct.

Don't forget you can always send spreadsheets to and I'll handle everything for you.

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