Subsail updates Subsail updates

Subscription timelines


Each subscription now has a simple timeline showing major events. This allows you to view a subscription's full life cycle in once glance, including events like recurring charges, issues being sent and cancellations.

Subscription editing tools


Just launched: tools for editing subscription information (names, addresses) and resetting subscription issues (by editing start issue and subscription length). Also, deleting subscriptions and subscribers.

Checkout customisation


You can now add custom CSS and embed fonts on your checkout and subscriber account pages, enabling a more consistent design with your website.

Subsail x Big Cartel


From today, you can connect your Subsail account to—and more importantly, import from—your Big Cartel shop.

Alongside this, a deeper connection with Shopify is also live, utilising both platforms' secure OAuth integration.

Updated support docs


Subsail's support documentation has moved and improved. The docs can now be found at

Updated subscription page


The Subscription page just got a small refresh to make information clearer and easier to digest. More tweaks are coming soon.

Sell subscriptions


Subsail can now power your subscription selling, with recurring and non-recurring subscriptions. You get your own shop (at and a securely hosted checkout page. All orders go straight into your subscription database.

Automated emails


You can now schedule automated emails for lapsing subscriptions, meaning emails being sent to subscribers around the time their subscriptions run out. The emails are fully customisable as well as their schedule.

Fix for PayPal Buy buttons


Fixed a bug where data wasn't being properly digested from subscriptions bought through PayPal Buy buttons.

Manual adding of subscriptions


There is now a helpful manual form for adding subscriptions. This is handy if you want to add single subscriptions sold outside of one of your sources. The form is accessed from the Import > Add manually menu item.

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